Readings, Book Talks, School Visits


I'd love to come to your school or bookstore to talk about the Anton and Cecil stories or things related.  There is a wonderful Educator Guide, including questions and activities related to the Common Core Standards, on the Algonquin site.  I can talk with students in grades 3-6 (or younger) about any of these topics: 

  • How to work on a story, from first ideas to ending revisions.

  • Ways to conduct research on things you don't know about while writing a book.

  • Specifics of the late 1800's setting, such as the tall ships, pirates, cats, sea shanties or other details.

  • How my co-author (who is also my aunt) and I collaborated in writing the book.

  • My top six most difficult writing challenges (the Tricky Six), including issues such as writing humor, dialogue, and chapter endings.

And of course we can develop any other suitable program for your students' interests. 

Please let me know what you have in mind when you drop me a line using the form here.   Thank you!

Here are a few comments from teachers and librarians:

The third-fifth graders truly enjoyed and were inspired by Lisa Martin's visit!  The material was engaging, useful and inspiring.  My third graders couldn't wait to write after the presentation.  I think it spoke equally well to those kids who already want to be writers and the students for whom writing is still a challenge.  I've seen lots of these author presentations, and Lisa's was among the very best. -- Julie Gottschalk, 3rd grade teacher, Peabody School, Charlottesville, VA

Lisa is a delightful presenter.  She met with all of my 3-5th grade students over the course of three (45 minute) sessions last week. Her talk included a Prezi presentation, which contained pictures to which the students really connected and responded.  The conversations following the presentation were what most impressed me and the teachers.  Students asked amazing questions and sincerely became more interested in both the writing and publishing processes.  I sold books ahead of time, on the day of the visit and again the day after.  We are already planning her return visits to our school!  If you have the chance to host an author, she is one I recommend! -- Andrea Atkinson, Library Media Specialist, Meriwether Lewis School, Charlottesville, VA

Lisa Martin visited our 3rd Grade classes earlier this year. She brought her enthusiasm and knowledge of "being a writer" to share with us.  The students were completely inspired by her ideas and the development of her characters.  Afterward, we thoroughly enjoyed reading Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea! -- Bethany Robinson, 3rd grade teacher, Brownsville Elementary School, Crozet, VA