I write stories and poems for children, and am a reporter and essayist for adults. I’ve published a middle grade trilogy — the Anton & Cecil series — and currently write investigative news and human interest stories for local newspapers and magazines, including the Crozet Gazette and C-ville Weekly.



anton & cecil

A series of three novels for children, the Anton & Cecil books are about two brother cats who live in a shipbuilding town in the late 1800’s and who have fantastical adventures, first at sea, then by rail, and finally, aloft. Written together with (award-winning adult novelist) Valerie Martin and illustrated by the talented Kelly Murphy, the Anton and Cecil stories are about wonder, bravery, and the power of friendship. The series was an absolute blast to write with Valerie (my aunt), and the whole experience was both insanely lucky and profoundly life-changing for me.

News Reporting

I cover education, local government, and investigative reporting for the monthly Crozet Gazette newspaper in the town by that name just west of Charlottesville. I also write feature stories for Charlottesville’s alternative paper, C-ville Weekly, and human interest stories for C-ville’s slate of monthly and quarterly magazines on architecture, food and wine, and outdoor living. Here are links to some of my articles, one of which won a Virginia Press Association award last year.



Children’s Poetry

I’m crazy about sly slant-rhyme schemes, and am inspired by the greats — Lilian Moore, Karla Kuskin, Eve Merriam, and the amazing Valerie Worth. Many of my poems are about nature (a very common theme in children’s poetry!), and I never was able to get a collection published, but I hope the deep pleasure I get from fooling around with words comes through on these. The images are digital watercolors made from photos I’ve taken here and there that seemed to suit the topic.