A bit about me.

I grew up in New Orleans and spent my high school years writing overwrought poems and short stories.  Veering away from words and toward numbers in college, I earned graduate degrees in business, met my husband Roger in Texas, and taught accounting to college sophomores until our sons came along.  I became very active in their school community and read zillions of books with them, studying and eventually trying my hand at children’s poetry and prose.  

My boys were 10 and 8 when my aunt, Valerie Martin (by then a celebrated author of adult fiction) suggested we collaborate on a children’s book, which was a very happy stroke of luck for me.   Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea was my first published novel, and I'm so glad to be back in the world of words with this series.  The cat brothers are dear to Valerie and me.

I also love to write nonfiction, which keeps me constantly learning and exploring, meeting people in my community and beyond, and trying to tell readers what I've learned in a way that doesn't put them to sleep.  To me, this kind of writing is every bit as exciting and gratifying as fiction.

I live now in Charlottesville, Virginia with my family, our two cats, Albert and T.J., and our sweet dog Jackson, all of whom have made their way into my stories.  

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